The 31st Inter-City
Cactus and Succulent
Show and Sale

1500 Plants on Display
24 Vendors selling plants, pots, and supplies

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The Show is free with Arboretum Admission

2016 Inter-City Show Info and Schedule

The Succulent Party

Although El Nino has come and gone and reservoirs are in better shape than previous years, the rainfall pretty much missed Southern California, giving us a fifth consecutive year of low water and dry garden soil.  The plants we grow and show not only provide our personal enjoyment, but show others how exquisite succulent planters and arrangements can be.   The Inter-City Show is one of the premier horticultural shows of the year, and provides an important educational component for both the Cactus and Succulent Societies of Southern California and the Los Angeles Arboretum.

The 31st Annual Inter-City Cactus and Succulent Show will continue the tradition of showcasing the best cacti and succulents the region has to offer for one incredible weekend.  This is a party for our plants.  Clean them up, dress them up, and let them mingle with the best in Los Angeles.  The Show will accompany a sale of plants both rare and common, as well as beautiful pots and handy supplies.

This Show is always a success not only because of the plants, but also because of the wonderful volunteers, entrants, vendors and, not least, because of the assistance and support of the entire Los Angeles Arboretum staff.   Over 100 people participate in one way or another to help put on this Show.  We need the support of every one of them this year to make the Show spectacular.

The Inter-City Show is one of the easiest to enter with classes for novice growers, advanced growers, and an open class for expert growers.  Novice and advanced growers are the heart of the Show!  They enter more than two thirds of the plants exhibited, and these are the plants that convince visitors to become members of their local Cactus and Succulent Society chapter.   Bring your best plants; we will have people coming from all over to see them.

Plant entry hours go into the evening starting at noon on Wednesday, and 8 am on Thursday.  Friday’s entry hours are 8 in the morning to 4 pm. We need members from all levels and from all clubs.

When you show your plants with the best growers in Southern California there are benefits:   you become a better grower, and, therefore, all your plants will look better! 

Bring some friends to see the Show!